After four years of not having a single-player campaign mode, we are finally getting one. Read on to learn more about Battlefield's plan for a “narrative campaign”.

When Battlefield 2042 came out, it did not have a single-player campaign. Instead, most of the story is inside the game's multiplayer modes. This allowed the development team to focus on the multiplayer aspect of the game. Despite this, some fans of the game still asked why there wasn't a single-player campaign. They are also wondering if we would be getting one any time soon.

For those fans, good news has arrived in the form of a blog post from EA. In it, Byron Beede said that they are developing a “narrative campaign set in the Battlefield Universe”. Leading this development is Marcus Lehto. Lehto is already well-known as the co-creator of Halo, artist of the iconic Master Chief, and former creative director of Bungie. He has since then left the team, and then joined EA earlier this year. Lehto and his new Seattle-based game studio, Ridgeline Games, will be taking the lead in making the “narrative campaign” come to life. This comes as no surprise, seeing how some months back the Battlefield Seattle studio was hiring new members. Beede hopes that the campaign will “engage fans in new and exciting ways while remaining true to the classic elements of the series.”

This collaboration between DICE, Battlefield's main development studio, and Ridgeline Games would appear to be a synergistic one. It also appears that they are bringing in other studios into the development process, namely Ripple Effect Studios and Industrial Toys.

While there is still no news regarding when we will see this campaign, hopes are high for it. If things go well, it would be good news for EA. Since its launch, their latest game Battlefield 2042 has encountered problem after problem. It's even gotten mostly negative views on Steam. If the campaign ends up becoming as good as they are hyping it out to be, it could help in recovering Battlefield's, and in turn EA's reputation.

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