Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley are some of the latest fighters to react to the bonkers news of Jorge Masvidal assaulting Colby Covington in Miami. All four fighters are linked through different moments in the UFC but it's fair to say none of them like Covington.

Ben Askren fought Jorge Masvidal back in 2019 where he suffered a devastating knockout loss in only a few seconds. The UFC welterweight was not Masvidal's fight after the incident.

”Imagine having 25 minutes to punch someone as many times as you want legally, but you can’t get it done so you gotta sneak up at the steak house 😂😂 The couple times I got beat up I just thought shit that sucked I should trained harder or employed better tactics. Not let me sneak up and attack him on the street bc I have anger/insecurity issues.“

“Jorge also talked about my family so he is being a hypocritical terd on top of all else. Suck it up butter cup, you got whipped. It happens sometimes.”

Tyron Woodley was actually on Jorge Masvidal's side after the incident. The former UFC champion fired some shots at Colby Covington for pressing charges after getting assaulted.

“Colby Covington’s a ho if he’s trying to press charges on my dog. A fight’s a fight. You just fought him in a cage. If ya’ll still ain’t settled it by then, then shit might have to go again. It might be for free this time.” – former UFC champion Tyron Woodley said on a recent Instagram Live.