After Kansas City Chiefs DB Justin Reid fired some shots at Hayden Hurst, the Cincinnati Bengals tight end clapped back with an epic warning shot of his own. Speaking to the media on Thursday, Hurst responded to Reid's comments, saying that he's the last player opponents should be talking trash to, because he has “a long memory,” via Ben Baby of ESPN.

The Chiefs and Bengals will face off on Sunday in a rematch of the AFC Championship game, and Reid didn't mince words ahead of the clash. While he fired off some warning shots, the comments were initially believed to be regarding Bengals star receiver Tee Higgins. The comments prompted a response from Ja'Marr Chase, before Reid later clarified it was Hayden Hurst whom he was taking a shot at.

Reid may well end up regretting making that clarification, as Hurst doesn't seem likely to forget those comments, and hinted that he'll be looking to make the DB eat his words during Sunday's tilt.

That will surely be a matchup to watch, and it wouldn't be surprising to see Joe Burrow challenging Reid throughout the game. His receivers will all have a chip on their shoulder ahead of the matchup, and nothing would put a bigger smile on their faces than a Bengals win and Reid getting burnt on a deep ball.

There's only one true way to settle this beef, and that's on the field. This matchup already figured to have plenty of fireworks, but now that the beef between Hayden Hurst and Justin Reid is heating up, things could get feisty on Sunday between the Chiefs and Bengals.