Joe Burrow's calf injury is arguably the Cincinnati Bengals' biggest problem right now. The star quarterback suffered this injury during their training camp. Even before training camp, Ja'Marr Chase said that Burrow should rest and sit until he's 100%. After Burrow reaggravated his calf injury in Week 2, Chase's words are now being floated around again.

With Joe Burrow's Week 3 injury status still up in the air, Ja'Marr Chase continues to advocate for the star sitting out until his injury heals. In an interview after the Bengals' practice, the star wide receiver reiterated his stance regarding the QB's calf injury, per ProFootballTalk.

“Asked whether he thinks Burrow will play on Monday night against the Rams, Chase said this: “I told him back then, don’t play until you’re 100 percent ready to play. So, I don’t know what he’s doing.””

Chase drove his point home later on, saying that he's been telling the star to just sit out his injury.

Asked to make a guess on whether Burrow will play, Chase called back to his prior advice. “If I had to guess, I would say no. I would say no because I been [telling] him no,” Chase said.

The Bengals are in a rather tough spot. At 0-2, the team can't afford to fall down to 0-3 with their Super Bowl aspirations. However, fielding your star quarterback in while he's dealing with an injury that's tough to recover from is a surefire way to ruin his future. The likely best course of action for Cincinnati is to sit Joe Burrow out for Week 3 (despite his likely complaints) and pray that Jake Browning does his job.