It appears that John Ross has publicly made his desires known ahead of the Cincinnati Bengal's matchup against the Tennessee Titans on Sunday. After being listed as out due to illness once more, the four-year wideout took to Twitter to clear up the heavily speculated trade rumors that he's been enveloped in.

To Ross' credit, the 25-year old receiver has only appeared in three games this season for the Bengals. He's completed two of his five targets for 17 yards in that timespan as well. It was reported that his consecutive benching prompted Ross' agent to ask the Bengals for a trade, seeing as how he was healthy for the games that he was sidelined in. Those talks evidently never manifested into gaining traction.

Ross is in a contract year, which hasn't resulted in a productive outcome of a hefty signing in the offseason given the wideout's lack of playing time. He turned in a successful season last year, a clear notion to the fact that he can help elevate teams that have a drought at the position. He finished last season with 506 yards, resulting in three touchdowns. He also averaged 18.1 yards per reception during that time span.

If the Bengals don't plan to make use of Ross and his services, it'd be better to move on from him prior to the trade deadline on Nov.3. Cincinnati is currently 1-5-1 through Week 7 after a 37-34 shootout with the Browns last Sunday. With go-to options such as Tyler Boyd and Tee Higgins at the head of the downfield tasking, there leaves little room for Ross to receive additional snaps.