The Cincinnati Bengals are heading into a season with Super Bowl expectations, which is the status quo now that Joe Burrow is at the helm. Consequently, it is clear that they are ready, as Sam Hubbard has one main goal for this year that will make his quarterback and the rest of his teammates proud, via NFL Twitter.

“My main goal and only goal is to win the Super Bowl. This is the best I've felt in my whole career by a landslide physically.”

Joe Burrow and his fellow Bengals will be stoked to hear the sentiments from Sam Hubbard. The Bengals figure to be one of the top teams in the AFC this year, although there is no guarantee of anything as long as Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs are around.

The Bengals and the Chiefs have formed one of the better rivalries in the NFL over the past few seasons, with trash talk boiling over into this year's offseason. As long as the Chiefs are Super Bowl champions they will have the upper hand, but it is obvious that Sam Hubbard and company will have something to say about that this season.

If there is a year where the Bengals could return and compete for a Super Bowl, it would be this one. Burrow has a revamped offensive line and will continue to try and separate himself from the rest of the quarterbacks in the league; at some point, he will most likely have to showdown with Mahomes and beat him. Regardless, an exciting year lies ahead for the Bengals with Super Bowl sights in their eyes.