Bengals news: Zac Taylor says he won't try to be Sean McVay in Cincinnati
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Bengals coach Zac Taylor says he won’t try to be Sean McVay in Cincinnati

Los Angeles Rams

Cincinnati Bengals new head coach Zac Taylor has spent a good amount of time with Los Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay in recent years and the two have had a lot of success together. Now that Taylor is with the Bengals there may be some speculation that he will bring forth a McVay play calling style to Cincinnati. Taylor stated he does not have those intentions and will likely bring his own style to a Bengals offense full of potential.

“But at the same time, if I try to be Sean McVay, I’m going to fail. To be quite honest with you, we’re different people. I’ve learned a lot from him, but I’m going to be Zac Taylor and do the best I can my way. And not my way, it’s the Cincinnati Bengals way, right? Everyone’s on the same page and we’re going to get the most out of everybody here.”

Taylor was recently shown in the Bengals locker room with quarterback Andy Dalton, praising him and telling him he has been following him since his college days. The Bengals have some extremely talented weapons on offense including running back Joe Mixon and wide receivers A.J. Green and Tyler Boyd.

The Bengals have a lot of potential and now with a new identity, they may be able to return to the postseason and make the most of the talent they possess. Taylor has a Super Bowl visit under his belt and likely has a desire to return very soon.