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RUMOR: Bengals closer to deal with AJ Green than Joe Mixon

AJ Green, Joe Mixon, Bengals

The Cincinnati Bengals will surely gun for a quarterback in the coming 2020 Draft, so the next order of business for them is to build a talented pool of playmakers to give their young quarterback the best chances of having a successful rookie campaign. The two playmakers considered key to the team’s success are AJ Green and Joe Mixon, but it seems one player is more likely to stay on a long-term deal first.

According to Bengals Wire’s Chris Rolling, the Bengals are more likely to get Green to agree to terms first. The talk surrounding the Bengals front office sees the veteran first inking the deal compared to his younger teammate.

Tyler Dragon talked about the situation on offense, and he thinks that both will definitely get contracts from the Bengals:

“They do want Joe Mixon and A.J. Green back long-term. I know that for sure…I can confidently say they are closer to getting A.J. Green’s deal done. Not saying it’s going to get done, but they are closer with A.J. than they are with Joe Mixon. I can report that.”

Green’s role in the team will most likely be to help future quarterback Joe Burrow understand the Cincinnati playbook. Green has been with the team since 2011 and should be on top of things. He’ll also be a solid contributor on the field as he had a solid 694 receiving yards and six touchdowns despite only playing nine games on the season.

Mixon is also a priority signing for the Bengals. While he only had five touchdowns to his account last season, he finished the year with 1,137 receiving yards. Having him on the team will provide Burrow with enough weapons to play with.

These two will be vital for the Bengals’ success in the coming years. Hopefully, the front office manages to tie them to good contracts.