Anton is an A-Rank character in Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ) we'll be providing his best build. This build includes the optimal Disk Drives, W-Engines, and other items to equip him with.

Anton can be pulled from either the Channel Stable or Channel Exclusive banners. Given that he's an A-Rank character, pulling him will be easier compared to the S-Rank characters. Having higher chances of pulling him, players are likely to have him on their team. With that said, they're also likely to want to know which is the best build for Anton in ZZZ.

Best Anton Disk Drives

Here are the best Disk Drives for Anton.

1. 4-piece Thunder Metal and 2-piece Woodpecker Electro

Anton is an Attack character with an Electric attribute. He mainly focuses on getting his Electric stats up while trying to deal significant damage to enemies. Having that said, equipping Thunder Metal is the perfect way to help him accomplish his role. With four pieces of Thunder Metal Disk Drives equipped, Anton will receive a 10% Electric DMG boost. He will also have his ATK increased by 28% as long as an enemy in combat is Shocked.

To make him slightly more lethal, match the Thunder Metal with a couple of Woodpecker Electro Disk Drives. Doing so will give Anton an 8% increase in CRIT Rate.

2. 4-piece Thunder Metal and 2-piece Hormone Punk

Hormone Punk is an excellent Disk Drive for increasing a character's ATK. Since Anton heavily relies on dealing damage to shocked enemies, boosting his ATK is ideal. Using a pair of Hormone Punk Disk Drives will increase his ATK by 10%. This results in 10% more damage when enemies are not in Shock and a total of 38% ATK when they are.

3. 4-piece Thunder Metal and 2-piece Puffer Electro

For those looking to experiment, equipping two pieces of Puffer Electro Disk Drives is a great option. This setup will give Anton an additional 8% PEN ratio, which complements the 28% increased ATK when enemies are in shock.

4. 4-piece Puffer Electro and 2-piece Woodpecker Electro

To greatly enhance Anton's Ultimate damage, players should equip four pieces of Puffer Electro, which grants an additional buff. The extra two pieces boost Ultimate DMG by 20%. After using his Ultimate ability, Anton gains a 15% ATK buff for 12 seconds. Combining this with the 8% CRIT Rate from Woodpecker Electro provides even more damage potential.

5. 4-piece Puffer Electro and 2-piece Hormone Punk

Puffer Electro and Hormone Punk make an excellent combination for players seeking maximum ATK damage. Equipping two pieces of Hormone Punk gives Anton a 10% ATK boost, which can increase to 25% for 12 seconds after using his Ultimate ability.

6. 4-piece Puffer Electro and 2-piece Thunder Metal

For players who want to focus on making the Ultimate abilities stronger but still maintaining Electric DMG, the combo of Puffer Electro and Thunder Metal is the solution. With a couple of Thunder Metal equipped, Anton will receive a 10% Electric DMG boost.

7. 4-piece Woodpecker Electro and 2-piece Puffer Electro

As mentioned earlier, equipping two Woodpecker Electro Disk Drives boosts Anton's CRIT by 8%. Adding two more grants a 9% ATK increase for six seconds whenever he lands a critical hit with a Basic Attack, Dodge Counter, or EX Special Attack, with each skill's buff duration calculated independently.

Pairing these with two Puffer Electro items creates a balanced build for Anton. This combination, which includes an 8% increase in PEN Ratio along with the added CRIT and ATK, enhances his versatility as a Physical character.

8. 4-piece Woodpecker Electro and 2-piece Hormone Punk

Combining Woodpecker Electro and Hormone Punk Disc Drives will yield high ATK with a well-balanced CRIT Rate.

9. 4-piece Woodpecker Electro and 2-piece Thunder Metal

Now if players want to switch things up and focus on increasing CRIT and the damage of the abilities instead while maintaining Electric DMG, having four Woodpecker Electors and a couple of Thunder Metal is the way to go.

Best Anton W-Engines

Here are the best W-Engines for Anton.

1. Drill Rig Red Axis (A-Rank)

Drill Rig Red Axis will give Anton more Energy Regen. However, its effects are what players should be after considering how it significantly increases Electric DMG.

When launching an EX Special Attack or Chain Attack, Electric DMG from Basic Attacks and Dash Attacks increases by 50/57.5/65/72.5/80% for 10 seconds. This effect can trigger once every 15s.

2. The Brimstone (S-Rank)

The Brimstone focuses on maximizing the equipped character's ATK. It starts with a base ATK of 53 at level 1, which increases to 684 at the maximum level. Additionally, it provides a 12% attack boost at level 1, increasing to 30% at max level.

Upon hitting an enemy with a Basic Attack, Dash Attack, or Dodge Counter, the equipper's ATK increases by 3.5/4.4/5.2/6/7% for 8s, stacking up to 8 times. This effect can trigger once every 0.5 seconds. The duration of each stack is calculated separately.

3. Starlight Engine (A-Rank)

When a Dodge Counter or Quick Assist is activated, the equipper's ATK is boosted by 12/13.8/15.6/17.4/19.2% for 12 seconds.

4. Street Superstar (A-Rank)

When a squad member initiates a Chain Attack, the equipper gains a Charge stack, up to a maximum of three. When the equipper uses their Ultimate, all Charge stacks are consumed, with each stack boosting the skill's DMG by 15/17.2/19.5/21.7/24%.

5. Cannon Rotor (A-Rank)

Cannon Rotor merges ATK and CRIT attributes. It begins with a base ATK of 46 at level 1, which rises to 594 at the maximum level. The CRIT Rate starts at 8% at level 1 and increases to 20% at max level.

Cannon Rotor boosts ATK by 7.5/8.6/9.7/10.8/12%. When a CRIT hit lands on an enemy, it deals an additional 200% of ATK as DMG. This effect can be triggered once every 8/7.5/7/6.5/6 seconds.

Best Anton Build in ZZZ

Disk Drives – 4-piece Woodpecker Electro and 2-piece Puffer Electro

W-Engine – Drill Rig Red Axis (A-Rank)

When it comes to building characters in ZZZ, it's always nice to have a perfect balance of all stats. That way, characters won't have trouble lacking in abilities that are also needed in combat. For Anton, having four pieces and Woodpecker Electro and two pieces of Puffer Electro equipped will give him all the tools to deal lethal damage. Combine those with the Drill Rig Red Axis, he will also gain an abundance of Electric DMG.

That's it for this guide on the best Anton build in ZZZ. Check out more Zenless Zone Zero guides.