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Bills debunking popular NFL playoff myth one victory at a time

The Buffalo Bills are going to the AFC Championship game after defeating the Baltimore Ravens, and they are showing the NFL they can win playoff games in a variety of ways.

On the daily Locked On Bills podcast, host Joe Marino talked about what he observed while watching the Bills win on Saturday and how it is forcing him to view playoff offense differently:

Marino: Devin Singletary and T.J. Yeldon combined for nine carries for 29 yards. If you look at my notes right now you see, ‘dot dot dot, does it matter?’ At some point I have to stop being concerned that playoff football, a lot of times, comes down to who can run the football and who can stop the run. The Bills are debunking the idea that it is important, completely debunking it.

I don’t know if it is going to matter or not. It feels like some low-hanging fruit to say if the Bills had a little bit more of an effective running game the offense could be better, but I don’t know. That is literally what I have written down. Is it going to matter? It’s not good production. We know that the Ravens are good at stopping the run but is it ever going to matter that the Bills just do not have a good run game?

I also wrote down that Devin Singletary did not finish the game with a hamstring injury. I do not know how severe it is and we have not been given much information about it at this point. On Devin Singletary’s hamstring, the concern is not him as a runner. We know that the Bills’ rushing attack is not going to be very effective, but what he does in pass protection is critical. What I said when Zack Moss went down was that the biggest part of losing Zack Moss was losing him in pass protection. Devin Singletary is good at pass protection too, and if he is unable to go, all of a sudden you are really kind of piecing this together.