The Buffalo Bills went up against the San Francisco 49ers on Monday night in what turned out to be a contest that had no shortage of noteworthy moments. One of them came in the form of Bills quarterback Josh Allen, who himself came up with one of the best acting jobs of the season thus far. Unsurprisingly, the mean streets of Twitter had their fun at the expense of the 24-year-old QB.

For starters, here is a look at the now-infamous flop that instantly made waves all over social media (h/t gifdsports on Twitter):

There aren't much words to describe Allen's antics, except that he showed off some of his acting chops here. Quite impressive and shameful at the same time. Twitter definitely took notice, and called for an Academy Award nomination for the Bills quarterback:

It is worth noting that Allen was a bit of a doubt coming into Monday's mathcup against the 49ers due to minor knee and ankle issues. The Bills previously listed him on the injury report, but Allen was able to practice in full ahead of the Niners bout. The former Wyoming standout has had a few knocks throughout the campaign, and this could have been what motivated his rather embarrassing flop on Monday night.

Unfortunately for Josh Allen, this is not something he's going to be able to take back — ever. The internet has ensured that this clip has now been saved in the flop archive of all of sports.