The Buffalo Bills had a pretty rough go of it in Week 12. Not only did they lose in crushing fashion to the Philadelphia Eagles, but they also have had to deal with the blowback from Shaq Lawson's shoving incident with an Eagles fan. It wasn't a great look for Lawson to begin with, but a longer video of the altercation makes things look even worse for the Bills defender.

The initial video showed Lawson going over to an Eagles fan behind the Bills bench with a group of his teammates before he shoved him and walked away. Lawson claimed that the fan was making life-threatening threats towards the players and their families, but the longer video proves that to not be the case, as the fan was simply pointing and laughing at the Bills players before they ended up approaching him.

It unfortunately wouldn't have been a surprise if Lawson's claims that the fan was making threats towards himself and his teammates were true, but that appears to have been a lie. The fan was only pointing and laughing at the players, which seemed to be enough to get on their nerves, and it resulted in Lawson eventually shoving him.

Pointing and laughing at players is fairly tame to some of the other insults hurled at players nowadays, so this makes a bad situation even worse for Lawson and the Bills. The NFL could opt to levy some sort of fine or suspension on Lawson for his actions, and with this video now public, it will be interesting to see how much of an impact it has on Lawson's punishment.