The Philadelphia Eagles stole a win away from the Buffalo Bills and now have the NFL's best record on the season right now. However, all eyes are on Bills' defensive end, Shaq Lawson after a video revealed him shoving an Eagles fan during a heated altercation.

It's not clear exactly when this incident took place during the game. But you can see the Eagles fans yelling at the Bills' defensive players. Lawson and several of his teammates approached the fans. That's when Lawson throws a little shove.

“An Eagles fan got into it with Bills’ Jordan Phillips, Ed Oliver, Shaq Lawson, and Greg Rousseau … Lawson ended up even pushing him.”

After the incident took place, security stepped in and calmed down the situation, according to ESPN and The Associated Press. Overall, things died down quickly after Shaq Lawson shoved the Eagles fan.

“Security eventually intervened and the fan continued to shout toward the Buffalo players. Defensive end Leonard Floyd tried to defuse the situation and walked the players back to the sideline.”

As of now, the NFL or the Bills have not said anything about the altercation. The league is likely to conduct some sort of investigation. Depending on that finding, Lawson could face some kind of punishment or fine. Until then, we'll have to wait and see how the league handles this situation.

The Eagles ended up beating the Bills 37-34 in overtime. So losing while also having Eagles fans taunt you has to be one of the worst feelings for Shaq Lawson this season.