On Thursday, Buffalo Bills coach Sean McDermott was the primary subject of a report by NFL writer and reporter Tyler Dunne on his site, GoLongTD.com. The article went into great depth, both crediting McDermott for his success with the Bills while also citing a multitude of anonymous sources who called into question McDermott's ability to lead an organization and team effectively.

McDermott initially responded to the reports the same day they came out, primarily apologizing for his comments surrounding his use of 9/11 terrorists as an example in a team meeting several years ago. He also clarified that he had previously apologized to his team.

On Friday, McDermott referred to the article as, “clearly an attack on my character.” He added, “It's been disappointing. It's been hurtful. At the end of the day, I know who I am. At the end of the day, I know how I handle myself. As I've said, humbly, I'm not without flaws. I wake up every morning and try and do the best job that I can to win games for the fans of the Buffalo Bills and do it the right way. And that's my main goal every day,” via Bills beat reporter Matt Parino.

The Bills may be at a crossroads with the team holding a 6-6 record and the comments surrounding McDermott. However, Bills general manager Brandon Beane did speak out earlier today and say, “everyone is 100% behind Sean.”  This support is crucial, especially with a huge matchup against the Kansas City Chiefs approaching on Sunday.