The Buffalo Bills were eliminated from the NFL Playoffs after coming up short during their Divisional Round clash against the Cincinnati Bengals. In the aftermath, Bengals defensive back Eli Apple started running his mouth on Twitter, trolling Stefon Diggs and Josh Allen over their viral sideline dispute. Diggs wasn't hearing it from Apple, however, and clapped back with a savage response of his own, calling the CB a clout chaser.

After Apple tried to get under Diggs' skin by joking about the Bills' early playoff exit, telling the wide receiver to enjoy his offseason trip to Cancun, while possibly making a reference to Damar Hamlin. The Cancun bit is a tired joke, but Apple is typically the one on the butt end of social media's jokes, so he was clearly feeling good about the opportunity to get some points for himself.

Diggs clapped back, exposing Apple as a corny clout-chaser, stoking the flames of a rivalry that fans will be eager to catch a glimpse of in years to come.

Apple is no stranger to Twitter feuds. Last season he took on the entire Saints organization and city of New Orleans a bonkers series of tweets in which he ripped into both the city and the team. He was back at it again after the Bills were sent packing by the Bengals, but Diggs clearly didn't have the patience for Apple's chirping.

At the end of the day, however, whether Eli Apple's antics are corny or not, he's the one gearing up for an AFC Championship showdown, while Stefon Diggs will be turning his sights on the 2023 NFL season.