History almost repeated itself twice this Sunday when two Odell Beckham-esque one-handed grabs were completed in the same game.

Buffalo Bills receiver Stefon Diggs managed to corral a high-pointed pass from Bills quarterback Josh Allen with one hand, leaving just enough space and time for the 28-year-old receiver to spin out of a tackle from Vikings safety Harrison Smith and gain nearly five yards after the miracle catch.

But just when Stefon Diggs looked to have the best catch of the day, Vikings receiver Justin Jefferson managed to create an even more spectacular play just a little while later.

Justin Jefferson's catch almost led to a touchdown on the same drive that would have put the Vikings up 29-27 against an AFC Division leader in the Buffalo Bills had a 1-yard run on fourth and goal gone just a little further to cross the endzone. A fumble recovery in the endzone for a touchdown couldn't stop the Bills from tying the game 30-30 with seconds remaining to send the game into overtime.

Receivers have had a tendency to try and recreate the improbable catch from eight years ago this season. A multitude of wideouts, from Chicago Bears receiver Darnell Mooney against the Minnesota Vikings to Pittsburgh Steelers rookie George Pickens against the Cleveland Browns, have all created highlight reel plays of their own during the regular season.

Stefon Diggs is no stranger to pulling off the impossible just when his team needs it the most. The former Viking was the key orchestrator of the “Minneapolis Miracle,” a game-winning catch against the New Orleans Saints as the Vikings trailed by one point in the NFC Divisional Round that paved the way for Fox Sports commentator Joe Buck to deliver one of his most iconic calls.

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Then-Minnesota Vikings defensive end Everson Griffen was almost lost for words after the catch, taking a full minute to recover from the initial shock before celebrating with his teammates and a roaring Minneapolis crowd in a postgame interview.

“14 seconds ago, we had our last play on third down,” Griffen said. “You can't draw that up. You can't wish that. It just happened.”