The Buffalo Bills have been a flagship franchise of the American Football Conference since their made it to four straight Super Bowls in the early 1990s. Since then, the Bills haven't been back, despite the presence of generational talents like Stefon Diggs and Josh Allen on the team's roster.

On Sunday evening the Bills had a chance to punch their ticket to the AFC Title Game as kicker Tyler Bass strode to the field and announcer Tony Romo described Bills Coach Sean McDermott's recently professed faith in Bass in game-deciding situations. The result was not what Bills fans, or McDermott expected, to say the very least.

Bills fans were left in shambles following the now infamous ‘wide right' Bass kick. Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes was ‘drilled' with snowballs by a dejected Bills fan after the game.

After the game, Bass broke the silence on the missed kick that ultimately left Bills fans in the stands of Highmark Stadium in tears.

Bills' Bass Reacts to Missed Kick

Bass appeared to take full blame for the missed kick while also describing the difficult conditions that led up to it.

The kick was from 44 yards away to tie the game at 27 and potentially send it into overtime if the Bills would have stopped the Chiefs on a hypothetical final possession.

According to Bass, the snap was ‘good' and the hold was ‘great,' but he made one mistake in the lead-up to the kick that led to the now-infamous miss.

Fans React to Bills' Missed Game-Tying Kick

Fans did not seem to be in a forgiving mood, at least not immediately, following the miss.

“Booooo,” one fan said simply in the comments section on X.

“Get ready to cash some unemployment checks,” another fan added.

“Always excuses, just can't handle the pressure,” another said.

Buffalo hasn't made the Super Bowl since 1993.

With another excruciating loss under their belts, fans are left to wonder whether the team will be back again before the end of this decade.