Bills news: Will Damar Hamlin play football again?

While Damar Hamlin has yet to decide about his football future, the NFL is doing its best to help the Bills safety through that process.

Damar Hamlin, Buffalo Bills

While Damar Hamlin has yet to decide about his football future after his scary on-field collapse in Week 17 of the 2022 season, the NFL is doing its best to help the Buffalo Bills safety through that process.

Hamlin's playing career is one of the biggest question marks ever since he got out of hospital. Despite the fact that it's still too early to make a decision since he is still recovering, the NFL is reportedly arranging for Hamlin to meet with experts to get additional opinion on his condition, potential risks and everything else related to his health.

NFL Chief Medical Officer Allen Sills confirmed the said move on Friday in an interview with Washington Post, but he noted that he doesn't know if Hamlin will play football again. Sills emphasized that it's Hamlin's decision at the end of the day and they just want to present all information to him to make sure he chooses what he feels is best for him and his family.

“This is about a player and a patient and about getting the very best care. And, again, I do want to protect the privacy of those involved. But what I would say is I know that the Buffalo Bills have already engaged a number of outside consultants and will continue to do so. And they’ll gather opinions and then, [with] all of those opinions, they'll sit down with Mr. Hamlin, his family, his agents, all the people that love him and lay that out,” Sills said.

“And that's what we do in medicine every day is say, ‘Here's our understanding of risks. Here's our understanding of the situation. Let us make sure that you have all the information and make a good decision.' And ultimately that is the decision.”

Allen Sills added that they will support any decision that Damar Hamlin makes. For now, however, the Bills star is focusing on his recovery. He is clearly doing well, appearing in his first TV interview recently and even sending everyone in tears when he accepted his Alan Page Community award during the NFL Honors.

Ira Turner, one of Hamlin's agents furthered that the 24-year-old will make a decision about his playing career when he is ready to do so.

“At this time we are only focusing on Damar's health and ensuring that he makes a full recovery. Any decisions as it pertains to football will be made by Damar when he is ready to do so,” Turner explained.