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CJ McCollum opens up about what his initial days were like once NBA suspended season

Blazers, CJ McCollum

When the NBA suspended the season following Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert’s positive coronavirus test, Portland Trail Blazers shooting guard CJ McCollum pretty much took a week off because he had a feeling games weren’t going to be played for a while.

Following his week vacation, McCollum was ready to get back into his workouts, but the Blazers and NBA shut their facilities down:

“It was weird, I kind of knew it was going to be a while, so I didn’t go into the practice facility right away,” McCollum said, via Casey Holdahl of Blazers.com.

“Went home, relaxed, basically took like a week off, just recollecting myself, enjoying time with my fiancé, staying in the house, staying out the way, going on walks, that type of stuff and then I began to get back in the mindset of working out again.

“I get to workout, I lift and then close the facility down, so I was like alright, I guess I should have built that gym when I figure bought this house…It’s different, but I’m just thankful that my loved ones are in a place where they’re safe, they’re in the house, they’re following the protocol, social distancing and all that stuff. It gives me perspective to kind of relax, sit back and kind of take it all in and be still for a minute.”

You ask numerous people around the NBA, and no one can give you an honest answer when games are going to be played again since this virus is spreading like crazy.

The Blazers haven’t announced any positive coronavirus tests yet. Hopefully, it remains like that.

McCollum was averaging 22.5 points, 4.1 rebounds and 4.3 assists for the Blazers prior to play being suspended. He was shooting 45.3 percent from the field, 38.0 percent from beyond the arc and 75.0 percent from the free-throw line.

The Blazers, after making it to the Western Conference Finals in 2018-19, were only in ninth place this season.