Blazers news: Damian Lillard teases new GOAT Spirit music
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Blazers’ Damian Lillard teases new GOAT Spirit music


A number of NBA teams resumed practice on Friday for the first time in months, which appears to be a right step towards the reopening of the current season. While this is indeed something to look forward to, we also cannot help but get excited about Portland Trail Blazers superstar Damian Lillard’s social media activity.

Lillard, aka Dame D.O.L.L.A., recently posted a photo of what looks like the cover photo of his upcoming single, “GOAT Spirit,” on Instagram:

Unfortunately, there was no actual audio preview of the highly-anticipated track, so for now, we will need to settle for the cover photo. It is pretty awesome, though, and Lillard appears to be sending a shoutout to the late, great Tupac Shakur. The banana and nose stud on Lillard are both trademark Tupac, and perhaps the Blazers guard considers Shakur to be the GOAT rapper.

Last month, Lillard announced that he intends to release a mix tape during the season suspension, so the same is probably underway. He is without a doubt the best rapper in the NBA today, and we simply can’t wait for new material from the acclaimed Dame D.O.L.L.A.

Lillard recently went on a back-and-forth rap battle against NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal, who also released a number of rap albums back in the day. It was an epic rap-off, with both of them exchanging haymakers throughout. They appeared to have settled their “beef,” though, and Lillard also said that O’Neal will be featuring in his new track, so that is another thing to get excited about.