Portland Trail Blazers rookie Greg Brown III made Rip City roar with one of the day's best plays on Tuesday. After snatching the ball away from the Denver Nuggets, Brown saw an open lane to the basket then finished with a between-the-legs dunk to the delight of the crowd inside Moda Center.

It was a helluva impressive play that got his teammate and fellow high-flyer Larry Nance Jr. hyped up even after the game. Nance took to Twitter to express his reaction to Brown's aerial act, saying:

“I’m still trippin off this.. How many times has this been done in an NBA game before?”

The Blazers veteran nailed it, and we are all with Larry Nance Jr. on this one. Even the best in-game dunkers in league history did not dare attempt that many between-the-legs slams back in their heydays. Brown is different, though. In fact, we've already seen the 6-foot-9 forward pull off the same dunk more than once in an NBA game.

Despite having his moment, the Blazers youngster still has plenty of work ahead of him. At this point, his game needs a lot of polishing. Brown has an insane level of athleticism, but he'll need to develop more skills if he wants to carve a niche among the big boys.

For now, we can abuse the replay button and be mesmerized by this stunning display of hops from Greg Brown III.