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Odds for Damian Lillard’s next team if traded by Blazers, revealed

Damian Lillard trade odds

The trade winds are starting to swirl around Portland Trail Blazers star Damian Lillard after another first-round playoff exit. While the Blazers surely won’t trade Lillard unless he demands one, other teams are monitoring the situation. Lillard has made no such trade demands and currently isn’t expected to do so, but things could potentially change depending on how Portland’s offseason goes.

With the rumors out there, though, of course that means there are odds going around about Dame’s next team if he’s dealt. BetOnline.ag has some, and it’s not much of a surprise that the New York Knicks are the favorite when it comes to a Lillard trade. The Knicks are the Knicks and they’re an up-and-coming team with a good amount of assets to get a deal done.

Following the Knicks are the Los Angeles Clippers (+275), Miami Heat (+300), Los Angeles Lakers (+350), Philadelphia 76ers (+400) and Boston Celtics (+450). The Clippers, Heat and Lakers are a bit short on draft capital to make a move, so it would be tough for those teams to pull off a deal unless we’re looking at star swaps. That seems unlikely, but you never know in the NBA.

There are other teams out there that can put together big offers for the Blazers star if they want. We know the Oklahoma City Thunder have a million draft picks at their disposal, and the New Orleans Pelicans also have a nice treasure trove of assets thanks to the Anthony Davis trade.

As of right now, it doesn’t look like Damian Lillard is going anywhere. But the situation with the Blazers appears to be fluid, so this will be something to monitor as the offseason goes on.