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Sixers’ Ben Simmons ‘likes’ idea of teaming up with Damian Lillard on Blazers

Blazers, Sixers, Damian Lillard, Ben Simmons

It looks like Damian Lillard’s alleged interest in teaming up with Ben Simmons on the Portland Trail Blazers is not one-sided.

According to the latest speculations, the idea of the Blazers trading for Simmons has Lillard’s stamp of approval. While Portland wasn’t able to have extended negotiations with the Philadelphia 76ers in that regard in the past, the possibility of both teams making it happen surfaced again after Neil Olshey’s firing.

Interestingly, after the rumors of Lillard wanting to play with Simmons spread like wildfire online, the Australian guard caught win of the development and showed his interest in it. While the 25-year-old didn’t directly address it, he did “like” a post on Bleacher Report Instagram discussing the news.

With Ben Simmons unlikely to suit up for the Sixers ever again, Philly’s only choice might just be trading him. Clearly, though, the Blazers have an interest in making that trade–albeit not for Damian Lillard.

Previous talks had it that the Sixers want Lillard in the deal for Simmons, but Portland can only offer CJ McCollum and a combination of draft picks and young players in a bid to pair up Dame Time with Ben.

It remains to be seen if anything will actually happen, especially since the Sixers remain firm on their asking price. However, the Blazers can certainly find solace in the fact that Simmons seems to be ready to play alongside Lillard.