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Blazers star Damian Lillard shuts down critic who invoked LeBron James, Anthony Davis

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Fans who choose to come at Damian Lillard on Twitter better be prepared with bullet-proof comments or risk being shamed in front of over 2.8 million pairs of eyes.

One Twitter user learned that the hard way when he chose to attack Lillard’s workout post. The person even went as far as invoking LeBron James and Anthony Davis in his reply.

“This why you always hurt [Damian Lillard] overtraining. That farmer carry on the treadmill ain’t gonna translate when bron and AD dunking on ya forehead.”

The Portland Trail Blazers superstar didn’t let this one pass, flexing his durability throughout the years.

“Name a player who’s available more than me the last 10 years that plays as many minutes…”

Damian Lillard’s toughness is tried and tested. He’s always ready to do the heavy-lifting for the Blazers, evidenced by his career usage rate of 28.8. Furthermore, he has not averaged less than 35 minutes per game since entering the NBA in 2012. While other stars have their workload monitored closely by teams, Lillard does the opposite.

He’s also been on eight-straight trips to the playoffs. While Lillard wishes he’s had more success in the postseason, he hasn’t been blessed with stacked lineups.

In the 2021-22 season, Lillard and the Blazers will have to embrace the role of underdogs yet again. As teams piled more talents on their roster, Portland’s only significant addition this offseason has been Larry Nance Jr., who came by way of a trade from the Cleveland Cavaliers in a multi-team deal.