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Bobby Portis rookie cards went from trash to treasure after role in Bucks’ title

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In almost every journey to the NBA championship, there will always be that one guy from the bench who ends up surprising everybody. This year, there was one man who came out of nowhere and won the hearts of many: Milwaukee Bucks big man Bobby Portis.

We take a look at Portis’ journey in the NBA, how he became a champion with the Milwaukee Bucks, and the current state of his card stock.

How Bobby Portis Rookie Cards Rose Up In Prominence During The Postseason

Before Bobby Portis became an NBA champion and won over the Milwaukee faithful, he was a journeyman known for his aggressive look and fights with other players. The most notable conflict was when he hospitalized Nikola Mirotic with a punch when they fought during a practice session with the Chicago Bulls in 2017. Since then, Portis would end up bouncing around the league and playing for different squads, such as the Washington Wizards and New York Knicks.

Right before the season started, Portis signed a two-year $7.4 million contract with the Bucks as their reserve power forward. In the 66 games he played for Cream City, the seven-year veteran averaged 11.4 points and 7.1 rebounds on 47.1% shooting from beyond the arc.

Portis would go on to put up some respectable numbers against the Miami Heat in the playoffs, but he barely played against the Brooklyn Nets. However, Portis was given the biggest break of his career when The Greek Freak injured his knee in Game 4 against the Atlanta Hawks.

In Game 5 of that series, Portis stepped up in the absence of Antetokounmpo by notching 22 points, eight rebounds, three assists, and three steals. His standout performance helped Milwaukee clinch a pivotal victory that paved the way toward the Finals.

As Antetokounmpo recovered just in time for the Finals, Portis went back to the bench and played limited minutes in most games. It wasn’t until Game 6 when he went out and scored 16 points on 40% shooting from deep to help the Bucks win their first title in 50 years.

During the trophy ceremony, the Milwaukee crowd cheered on Portis and showed him love for helping the Bucks win. In essence, the same thought can also be applied to his card stock after a momentous step in his career.

The Current State of Bobby Portis Rookie Cards

When looking for rookie cards on the market, collectors would often pass on those that have Bobby Portis on them. This wasn’t the case at the start of this month when the Bucks finally made it to the NBA Finals.

At the start of July, Portis’ PSA 10 2015 Prizm Silver rookie card was valued at $90. More than a week later, that price dipped a little bit to $76 before climbing up to its current level of $160. That price jump validates Portis’ increasing popularity, not only among Bucks fans but in the card community as well.

Portis’ inspiring journey from a hot-headed reserve in Chicago to a champion in Milwaukee is what dreams are made of. He also makes a good addition to any card collection at the moment. Once the hype has subsided, getting those Bobby Portis rookie cards will surely be worth it.