During an interview at the BET Hip Hop Awards, rapper Bow Wow didn't hold back in expressing his strong opinion on the state of today's hip-hop music. The 36-year-old artist blamed the lack of #1 hits on what he referred to as “trash a** music” being released by many artists, according to Complex.

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Bow Wow voiced his offense at the repetitive and unoriginal nature of the music he has heard this year. According to him, male rappers focus excessively on themes like “slidin' on the opps,” while female artists seem preoccupied with landing a wealthy partner.

In his candid remarks, Bow Wow emphasized the need for a shift back to real and diverse music. He criticized the current trend of homogeneity, highlighting the lack of uniqueness and artistry in the songs being produced. Bow Wow firmly believes that talent and creativity are essential for music to stand the test of time.

Having not released an album in over a decade, Bow Wow found success performing his classic hits on his Scream Tours. He values the enduring qualities of music that lasts forever and hopes to see more artists focusing on delivering “real good music.”

While expressing his disappointment in the current state of hip-hop, Bow Wow sees a glimmer of hope for the future. He believes that artists like Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, and Drake have the potential to bring back the talent and artistry he feels is lacking.

As the conversation around the quality and direction of hip-hop continues, Bow Wow's strong opinions have sparked further discussions on the state of the industry. Whether his perspective resonates with others or not, his comments highlight the ongoing debate on the importance of originality and artistry in contemporary music.