Canelo Alvarez may be the favorite to win his fight against Jermell Charlo, but the American boxer couldn't care less about that. Charlo heads to the bout with only  one thing in mind: take down the Mexican super middleweight champ.

In a fiery message for Alvarez ahead of their showdown in Las Vegas, Charlo warned his opponent that he won't be holding back despite Canelo's stature as one of the greatest fighters of his generation. In fact, it's motivating Charlo even more to prove himself against the best of the bunch.

“I'm not about to be over there kissing your a** because you great. I wanna fight,” Charlo exclaimed, per Boxing Scene.

Jermell Charlo doesn't mean any disrespect to Canelo Alvarez, though. He has high admiration for the Mexican champ, that's for sure. However, he's not letting it get in the way of what he needs  to do.

“At the end of the day, I give Canelo all of the respect he deserves. He's calling shots, he's a superstar around the world outside of boxing. He’s done awesome things for his country and he got a good fan base,” Charlo added.

It will really be interesting to see how Charlo fares against Alvarez. Canelo is putting the undisputed super middleweight title on the line, so he has plenty of motivation to win as well. Nonetheless, Charlo is not lacking in confidence, going as far as to saying that his rival has never faced a fighter of his caliber.

“He’s been in there with great fighters, but there’s something I bring to the table that’s a lot different than anyone he’s seen. I defy the science of boxing,” Charlo said, via Associated Press. “I’m one of the guys from the younger era and I've been fighting my whole life. What I’ve been through in life, a lot of people can’t compare to that. I deserve to be in my position and now I get to prove my worthiness.”

Luckily, fans don't have to wait for long to see who will come out on top. Alvarez and Charlo face off at T-Mobile Arena at 5:00 p.m. (PT) this Saturday.