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Snoop Dogg throws his mic into the ring to call Floyd Mayweather-Logan Paul fight

Snoop Dogg, Floyd Mayweather, Logan Paul

Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather, take note: Even with former NBA point guard Nate Robinson making his professional boxing debut against YouTube sensation Jake Paul and the legendary boxing tandem of Roy Jones Jr. and Mike Tyson squaring off after years away from the sport, it was actually the world-famous Snoop Dogg that ultimately stole the show late last month.

Despite the fact that Paul knocked out Robinson in vicious fashion with Jones Jr. somehow going toe-to-toe with Tyson, who looked excellent for most of the bout, it was still Snoop Dogg that created the most headlines following the memorable event.

Because Snoop Dogg received such praise after his night of commentary and hip-hip performances, it appears as though the famed rapper is looking to go a few more rounds on the microphone.

With former multi-division world boxing champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. slated to re-enter the squared circle against Logan Paul, the brother of Jake and another YouTube star, Snoop Dogg is already vying for a spot on the broadcast team.

It is worth noting, though, that the bout between Robinson and Paul was credited as a professional boxing match while Tyson versus Jones Jr. was chalked up as an exhibition. With Mayweather Jr. currently sitting at a perfect 50-0 as a professional boxer, his looming bout against the aforementioned Paul will also be an exhibition and won’t count against his overall record regardless of the eventual outcome. Snoop Dogg is aware of this.

Nonetheless, this event is definitely going to sell quite a few pay-per-views come February 2021 and Snoop Dogg absolutely wants in on the fun.

Snoop Dogg certainly isn’t alone, creating a circus-like spectacle which many will be drawn to. Whether this is in the best interests of all the involved parties is quite another matter altogether, but that kind of consideration hasn’t stopped aspiring, ambitious people from setting up events which capture the public’s imagination.