After an electric regular season, the Atlanta Braves fell flat in the playoffs. But with a strong free agency, the Braves can retool their roster and attempt a deep postseason run.

Max Fried is certainly on board with the Braves adding through free agency. With the Winter Meetings soon kicking off, Fried gave his Atlanta pitch to all impending free agents, via Foul Territory.

“For guys that want to come to Atlanta, it's a really great environment. The team has great chemistry from the top to the last guy. Everyone understands their role. There's a lot of fun being had, but we also know we're there to work and we're there to win games. We come in everyday expecting to win.”

“If you want to win, it's a good place to be,” Fried concluded.

The Braves are entering free agency with the sixth-highest payroll in the league at almost $182 million. But this is a team ready to compete right now. Atlanta knows they're in a World Series window and must capitalize. It's fair to wonder just how much they will spend, but the Braves are definitely looking to make some splash additions this offseason.

Atlanta is already filled to the brim with talent both in the batter's box and pitching mound. They could realistic add to either side and are likely looking at free agents in both categories. Once the Winter Meetings begin, Max Fried is hoping the Braves ramp up their intensity on pursuing free agents.

He knows Atlanta has everything a free agent could want.