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BREAKING: Leaked intel confirms Kevin Durant ‘will’ join Lakers

Kevin Durant, Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers could be the frontrunners to land Golden State Warriors star Kevin Durant this summer, as multiple sources confirm that the two-time Finals MVP and champion is very interested in teaming up with LeBron James.

The Lakers have reportedly gained confidence that they can land Durant via free agency, with the All-Star forward showing disappointment with the New York Knicks.

“Durant will most likely avoid any meeting with the Knicks this summer following the recent incidents involving the team using his picture to boost ticket sales and team owner James Dolan banning another fan from the MSG. The talk around the league is he now has his eyes set on the Purple and Gold.”

Now, it is worth noting that Durant once said that playing with LeBron is “toxic,” and that he didn’t want to be near that kind of atmosphere. The source confirmed that KD never said he didn’t want to play with the four-time MVP.

“As for the ‘toxic’ remarks of Durant, he was actually referring to the media attention, not LeBron James himself. KD, who’s been heavily criticized by the media following his move to Golden State, has already gotten used to it and doesn’t care much about what they say or write about him anymore.”

Lastly, the source confirmed that although the Los Angeles Clippers are still in play, the Lakers are already in the driver’s seat simply because of LeBron James and the possibility of creating a superteam capable of taking down the Warriors.

“KD will still meet with the Warriors first, and then the Lakers and Clippers. The idea is, if Durant chooses to leave Golden State, he will join the Lakers because he can team up with LeBron James and increase their chances of taking down his former team.”

“It also helps that the Lakers are the more popular team in LA, something which Durant values at this points of his career as he aims to boost his brand.”

The Lakers have enough cap room to sign one more player to a max contract, and they could very well offer that to Durant.

This is a developing story, and things will be really interesting this offseason.

For the recorded conversation between ClutchPoints and our source, who refused to be identified due to how sensitive the report is, look down below.