As generally happens online when a new season of Netflix's Bridgerton comes out, fans' glowing reviews of the romantic storyline of the season appear first — followed shortly thereafter by the steamy romance drama's best boom-chicka-bow-wow moments (if that's too delicately put for your sensibilities, I'm talking about what Anthony Edwards does with trophies).

It's possible these viral sensual scenes are compiled by amorous-minded husbands wondering which episodes they should be sure to stream with their wives in hopes it sparks a mood, but as a piece in Slate pointed out on Tuesday, it seems it's mostly women who are struck by the latest subtle bit of seduction from Bridgerton that's currently breaking the internet.

Numerous fan sites and social media handles devoted to the show are talking in equal measures about “the carriage scene” and “Colin Bridgerton's fingers” and no, it's not because viewers are complimenting his manicure.

Season three of Bridgerton, the first half of which premiered last week on Netflix, focuses on the long-gesticulating romance between the show's Gossip Girl-esque anonymous rumor mill pot-stirrer Penelope Featherington and her series-long crush oblivious to her true feelings, Colin Bridgerton.

Bridgerton as a series is an expert at foreplay, tending to let its romance storyline build slowly before consummating anything, and season three is no different.

But the fourth and final episode released thus far from the new season finally did its part to increase global birth rates approximately nine and a half months from now. Let's just say, some good times go down in a carriage between Colin and Penelope, and Colin's fingers are involved.

Although it's not the sexual act itself that female fans are particularly titillated about from the new scene. Rather, it's a thoughtful action Colin takes after the tryst that seems to really be generating all the feels.

Many viewers have noticed that after the couple rounds a few bases, Colin helps Penelope put her dress back in place — but he doesn't use his index or middle fingers.

As the Slate piece nicely puts it, Colin doesn't use those fingers to touch Penelope's dress because “they're, um, sullied, after journeying someplace particularly feminine.”

A question was then raised by a viewer online about who was responsible for this particular detail. The X/Twitter user inquired “I KNOW ITS SUCH AN INAPPROPRIATE QUESTION TO ASK BUT FOR THE SAKE OF JOURNALISM I NEED SOMEONE TO TAKE ONE FOR THE TEAM AND ASK WHO’S IDEA IT WAS TO HAVE COLIN FIX PENELOPE’S DRESS WITH ONLY A FEW FINGERS.”

The question got a response from the episode's director himself, Andrew Ahn, who said, “I wish I could take credit for this incredible moment of… physical authenticity, but I did not give this piece of direction. It was all Luke Newton!”

This only made female fans of the show swoon for Colin Bridgerton more.

“The actor made a choice,” the Slate article explains. “A choice many of the show’s viewers, most of whom are female, loved. It showed not only attention to detail, but the character’s care for his partner’s clothes—and, by extension, her person.”

So there you have it. What happened in a carriage in the steamiest moment of the new season of Bridgerton did not stay in the carriage because Colin Bridgerton's fingers were too darn thoughtful and authentic to not be shared with the world on social media. But something tells me Penelope might not write about every detail of the encounter in her next Lady Whistledown column.