Broncos news: Dalton Risner has been turning heads in Denver
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Dalton Risner has been turning heads with Broncos

Dalton Risner, Broncos

Denver Broncos rookie Dalton Risner is already standing out, and training camp just got started. The 41st overall pick in April’s draft, Risner has been impressing in camp and seems to be locked in as the team’s starting left guard, per Chad Jensen of 247 Sports.

The Kansas State product spoke to the media recently, and talked about the differences between the pro and college games.

“It’s a more physical game,” Risner said. “The defensive linemen have more than a one-way street by just using their hands. They can bull rush you and just go right through. If you’re a rookie, you’re used to dominating guys in college. You go up against guys up here in the next level and they’re a lot stronger, faster and better at what they do. Which is great for me, I love it.”

Risner has been going all-out, and his teammates have been noticing. Asked about the rookie, veteran guard Ron Leary said “he wants to be great.”

“I say that every time somebody asks me about him. He works his butt off every day, he asks questions and he’s humble with it. A lot of young cats these days when they get drafted, they’re higher. They think that their stuff doesn’t stink. But he’s not like that at all, real humble kid who just wants to work,” Leary continued.

Risner is keeping his head down and absorbing as much as he can.

“I just think it is really important to realize that I have no experience in the NFL,” he said.

“I am surrounded by a lot of guys that have played in the NFL for a while. I might as well soak as much of that up as I can. I think the great offensive linemen are the ones that can always get better and realize that they can always get better. That’s my big thing. I want to soak in as much as I can from those guys, and I learn from them constantly.”

The Broncos are hoping he’ll continue to make big strides.