Will Broncos Country ride this season? After an awful season, the Denver Broncos are looking to bounce back. The few success they've had last season was due to their defense completely shutting down opposing offenses. One of their best defenders, Patrick Surtain, went down with an injury earlier in training camp, sparking worries amongst fans.

Thankfully, it seems like Patrick Surtain avoided major injury. The Broncos star cornerback is back in practice with pads today, per James Palmer. Additionally, the injury he's dealing with seems to be minor.

“Broncos star CB Patrick Surtain is back at practice today and in full pads. He worked out on the side yesterday and I’m told what he’s dealing with is so minor there isn’t any concern.”

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Surtain is already one of the top cornerbacks in the league, and for good reason. The Broncos' first-round pick is a lockdown defender and is one of the anchors of their defense. He is one of the many reasons why Denver didn't fall that far despite their offense being completely lost in 2022.

Denver is now hoping that Surtain and co. won't need to put in extra legwork like they did in 2022. The Broncos brought in a new coach in Sean Payton to hopefully fix the mess they made last season. While not all of their issues lie in coaching, it was certainly a contributing factor to their problems last year. The team is hoping that having a better and more rigid coaching staff around Russell Wilson will allow the star to find his pas form.