Broncos news: Denver plans to adopt 'bubble' mentality to survive season
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Denver Broncos plan to adopt ‘bubble’ mentality to survive season

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The whole world is currently in the midst of these unprecedented times brought about by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. However, despite the circumstances, NFL teams including the Denver Broncos remain adamant about finishing the entirety of the upcoming season.

According to a recent article written by ESPN senior writer Jeff Legwold:

“We’re not in a bubble, but we’re going to have to behave and act like we are,” Broncos president and CEO Joe Ellis said. “That’s not just players. That’s coaches, that’s myself, that’s John Elway and his staff, that’s everybody in the buildings, plural.”

“If we all lock in and have that same mindset that we all want to finish this season, we all want to play this season and everybody being accountable and holding each other accountable, if everybody is on the same page and says, ‘OK, we can’t do this’ — we have to take a step back,” linebacker Bradley Chubb said.

No one is spared from the wages of the coronavirus, even the world’s best athletes. In fact, two Broncos have already battled the virus, which includes star linebacker Von Miller and safety Kareem Jackson. The experience of the players only stresses the importance of following stringent health and safety protocols.

Broncos tight end Andrew Beck is the only player currently placed on the team’s COVID-19 reserve list. It constitutes a player who has tested positive for the virus or come into contact with someone who has.

Heading into an uncertain season, the Broncos are still persistent in overcoming the odds and remaining focused on their Super Bowl goal.