Broncos news: Drew Lock says he's 'ready whenever' to return
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Broncos QB Drew Lock says he’s ‘ready whenever’ to return

drew lock

Drew Lock has not yet gotten his first NFL action. The Denver Broncos rookie quarterback has watched all season long from the injured reserve, as he comes back from a thumb injury sustained in the preseason. However, when the Broncos are ready to put him in, he’ll be ready.

“I’ll always be a confident guy,” Lock said on Tuesday, via the team’s official website. “I’m ready whenever. Whenever they’re ready, I’ll be ready. I don’t know, I’ve been in this league for, what is it? It’s been eight weeks, nine weeks, whatever, [so] they know a lot more about this league than I do and they know a lot more about timing and this whole process.”

Lock is aware that his lack of experience in the NFL doesn’t do him any favors. The Broncos are unlikely to insert him as a starter immediately after pulling him from the injured reserve. Luckily, the organization has a plan in place.

“When I come back, they want to give me some practice reps before they put me into a game without even practicing a little,” Lock said. “I think they have an awesome plan and whenever they feel like they want to put that plan in place, I’ll be good.”

Lock, a second-round selection from Missouri, should get snaps later on into the year. However, even though starter Joe Flacco is now on the injured reserve (neck), it’s not him as the starter in Week 9. Instead 2016 sixth-round pick Brandon Allen has that job.