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Broncos’ Joe Flacco was sacked more by Chiefs than in any other game in his career

Joe Flacco, Broncos, Chiefs

Denver Broncos quarterback Joe Flacco knows that he’s far from the elite QB who played for the Baltimore Ravens. However, his game against the Kansas City Chiefs is most likely one that he’ll remember for the rest of his life.

Fox Sports revealed that the 34-year-old QB experienced a monumental game. However, the feat was far from a positive one.

This total became nine sacks, the most any Denver Bronco team has allowed in any game.

Of course, it’s embarrassing for a signal-caller to be sacked by this amount in a single game. However, this speaks a lot about the current state of the Broncos. And the talks don’t just stop at the QB as it extends to the rest of the team. The O-line couldn’t keep the defense out for long enough to give him room to pass. The wideouts also weren’t able to lose their marks, forcing Joe Flacco to hold to the ball longer.

Despite all of these factors, the brunt of the attention still goes to Joe Flacco. He’s regressed and was shipped off by the Ravens after seeing a future with Lamar Jackson. He’s not making a case for himself in Denver as well as the team is struggling to string together wins.

There are talks around the team that they should try to make a move for Cam Newton. He’s no longer the biggest fish in the team as Kyle Allen is winning games in his stead. With his current condition, a change of scenery might do him good. That’s what Denver could offer for him.

If the deal does push through, it will put Flacco in a downward spiral. It may be possible that this season is the last we’ll see of him before he fades into the sunset.