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Pat Shurmur sees similarities between Drew Lock, Daniel Jones

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Pat Shurmur will get a chance to coach another quarterback from the 2019 NFL Draft after becoming the offensive coordinator of the Denver Broncos. After being the head coach of the New York Giants in 2019, Shurmur sees similarities between Drew Lock and Daniel Jones.

“Skill sets are very similar. They can throw the ball well. They can move around well. You saw flashes of really good football from both of them this year,” Shurmur said via ProFootballTalk.

In last year’s draft, Jones was selected with the No. 6 pick by the Giants. On the other hand, Lock wouldn’t be taken off of the board until the Broncos drafted him with the 42nd overall pick.

For Jones, due to where he was selected, there was expectations for him to play well once he arrived. All things considered, Jones lived up to the expectations as he threw for 3,027 yards, 24 touchdowns, and 12 interceptions.

As for Lock, he was expected to sit behind Joe Flacco in his rookie season. But with Flacco being placed on injured reserve, Lock was inserted into the starting lineup. Over Lock’s first five starts, he contributed 1,020 yards, seven touchdowns, and three interceptions for the Broncos.

While some may question Shurmur’s comparison of the two, they are similar in a couple of ways. For starters, both are somewhat taller quarterbacks that have strong arms. At the same time, they both need to work on their decision making and accuracy.

After having a year to mentor Daniel Jones, Pat Shurmur will be given an opportunity to do the same with Lock. At the least, Shurmur can coach Drew Lock nearly the same way he did with the Giants quarterback due to the likenesses between the two.