Sean Payton still has a lot of hope left for a Denver Broncos postseason ticket. However, he cannot help but be mature and understand how his schematics have failed the Russell Wilson-led squad when they faced the Houston Texans. CJ Stroud was outgunning the veteran quarterback on all facets of the game. This is what prompted the head honcho to wake up and make adjustments for the sake of their season, via Zac Stevens of DNVR Sports.

“It starts with us coaches, starts with me. We've got to do a better job. Credit DeMeco Ryans, Houston, those guys earned a hard-fought win. But we didn't play our best football, and we're going to have to down the stretch here,” was how Sean Payton took accountability after the Broncos' five-game winning streak was snapped.

It was the Texan's secondary that struck fear into the hearts of fans in this loss. Russell Wilson was forced to give up their offensive possessions three times after throwing three interceptions. More than that, CJ Stroud came off blazing in pushing for pace against the Broncos' defensive squad. The young offensive engine led the team to 5.6 yards per play which eclipsed the Broncos offense that only got a measly 4.8.

Payton and the Broncos have games to win that hopefully come easy to them. Specifically, they are set to face the Los Angeles Chargers, Detroit Lions, New England Patriots, and Las Vegas Raiders. Overall, a postseason berth is never unlikely nor is a path to the Super Bowl. But, it will take a lot.