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The latest eye-opening proof that shows Nathaniel Hackett is in over his head with Broncos

Nathaniel Hackett Broncos

Nathaniel Hackett has not had a good start to his head coaching career. First came the loss against the Seattle Seahawks, which featured two fumbles at the goal-line and a loss against a mediocre team. Then came Week 2 against the Houston Texans, which the Broncos almost lost due to bad play calling and delay of game penalties. Nathaniel Hackett is in way over his head.

In Warren Sharp’s NFL notes on Fox Sports, he mentions Nathaniel Hackett’s rough start.

Russell Wilson and the Broncos are scoring touchdowns at a lower rate (10.5%) than the Seahawks (11.8%). In their first two games, the Broncos had five drives at goal-to-go, and they scored zero touchdowns. They are the only team in the NFL since 2000 to achieve such a feat.

When you’re scoring touchdowns at a lower rate than the Seahawks, it’s time to be worried. The new regime under Russell Wilson and Nathaniel Hackett has been just awful. Hackett doesn’t know how to manage a clock or call plays. Broncos fans are even counting down the play clock out loud to assist Hackett.

The Broncos also are 10th worst in the NFL in percentage of early downs that result in an early down. It’s not just goal-line calls, but play calling in general that is suffering in Denver.

The start to the Denver Broncos season is alarming because they have faced two bad teams in the Seahawks and the Texans, and they almost lost both games. Their $245 million dollar man isn’t living up to the hype and their head coach looks incompetent. Broncos fans should be worried about this season.