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Browns coach Hue Jackson believes he still has support

Hue Jackson, Browns

Cleveland Browns head coach Hue Jackson is either being lied to or he lives in an imaginary world. According to him, he still has the support of team ownership despite having only one more win than you do in the last 24 games he has coached.

It is worth noting that, you know, you only having one less win in the NFL during that time span is really iffy, as you aren’t even a coach.

“I don’t think it was articulated here (in London), but I still feel that (support),” Jackson said, as written by Cleveland.com. “I don’t sense — you guys would have to ask Jimmy that, but I totally have the support of Mr. and Mrs. Haslam. I don’t feel any change in that. I know everybody is concerned about the losing, my job, this — I mean, there’s all kinds of questions out there. I get all that.”

“That’s never been what my thought process is (his job),” he said. “Mine is trying to get this team to be the best it can be, keep this coaching staff working hard, keep these players working hard, and that’s my charge. It can’t be anything else. But no, I totally feel like I still have their support.”

Again, to be clear, Hue Jackson has an overall record with the Browns of 1-23. That is a single win over the course of 24 games. The sample-size appears big enough to consider it a not good era of Cleveland football (even relative to it being Cleveland football).