The Cleveland Browns are looking to strengthen their standing in the AFC playoff picture with a win over the Jacksonville Jaguars at home on Sunday, and quarterback Joe Flacco has done just about everything he could to get his new team a win.

Joe Flacco, a long-time rival as a member of the Baltimore Ravens, has turned in a performance reminiscent of his best days. Although the Browns are looking to seal the game against the Jaguars, Flacco's performance reminds some of his Ravens days. It also gives some hope that Cleveland can pick up some more wins down the stretch as well to secure a playoff spot in a year that they have played four different quarterbacks.

As expected, Browns fans have been going wild for Flacco's performance. Let's get to some of the best reactions.

Flacco waited all season for an opportunity to lead a winning team, and he has gotten that chance with the Browns as a result of the injuries to the quarterback room.

As the Browns sit at 7-5 coming into this game, a win would put them in great position for a wild card spot, and possibly give them an outside shot at the AFC North division if the Los Angeles Rams are able to beat the Ravens.

It will be interesting to see if the Browns can close this out, and finish the season strong with games remaining against the Chicago Bears, Houston Texans, New York Jets and Cincinnati Bengals.

For now, Browns fans will have hope that they can get quality quarterback play in the short-term.