Browns news: Cleveland Police entered team locker room following on-field incident
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Cleveland Police entered Browns locker room following on-field incident

myles garrett, mason rudolph

The game between the Cleveland Browns and Pittsburgh Steelers took a bizarre turn at the end of the game. The 21-7 win for the Browns was highlighted not because of three-touchdown performance of quarterback Baker Mayfield or the defense forcing four turnovers and four sacks. It was instead about the actions of their 2016 first overall pick.

The incident is how Cleveland pass rusher Myles Garrett ripped off Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph’s helmet and beat him over the head with it. It’s something that the league is going to look over closely as far as everyone involved. And in some surprising turn, the police are involved in this matter as well.

Some would say that bringing the police into the matter is a bit excessive. However, given the context of the actions of Cleveland’s Garrett, it makes sense in a way.

The actions of the star defensive end are bizarre and over-the-line in more ways than one. One of the major ones being that Mason Rudolph is still reeling from a concussion a little over a month ago against the Baltimore Ravens. And now a 275-pound defensive lineman hits the Oklahoma State product over the head with his own helmet is something that the league might need to do a concussion test over.

As for the Cleveland police showing up in the Browns locker room after the Thursday Night game, it’s going to be some time before the public hears anything in regards to that matter. And the league will likely act out their punishments first.