Deshaun Watson is set to make his debut for the Cleveland Browns this season in Week 13. The controversial quarterback's suspension is now over, and the stage is set for his return to action. However, there were other conditions set by the NFLPA for him to return. This includes a treatment program for his predatory behavior.

Well, it seems like Deshaun Watson's treatment is going well, according to Adam Schefter's sources. The Browns QB is reportedly progressing well in his recovery, according to his physicians.

“”He's been progressing well and he wants to continue with it, and they feel it's helping him,” one source connected to Deshaun Watson's treatment program said. “It's just sort of ongoing as needed and it'll be ongoing until it's not needed anymore. And I think it's given him a lot of help and support. But this could take a while.””

Watson was accused of sexually assaulting multiple massage therapists during his time with the Texans. Around 25 women came together to file a lawsuit against the now-Browns quarterback. Because of this lawsuit, the NFL punished him with an 11-game suspension, as well as corrective measures to eradicate his predatory behavior.

Without any way of verifying these claims, many people will doubt Deshaun Watson and this statement from Schefter's sources. However, we can at least hope that this has truly helped the Browns QB understand the magnitude of his actions. Actions speak louder than words, and we'll see moving forward whether Watson has learned from his mistakes or not.