Deshaun Watson and the Cleveland Browns are bracing themselves for his suspension ruling, and now the team has an idea of when they'll know the fate of their newly-acquired quarterback. According to various reports, including one from Jeff Howe of The Athletic, Watson's ruling will be handed down on Monday. Judge Sue L. Robinson, who has presided over the case, will inform the league of her official decision regarding the length of Watson's suspension on Aug. 1.

Howe indicates that the Browns have been bracing themselves for a 4-8 game suspension of Watson. A six-week suspension is the same ban that Alvin Kamara is facing for assaulting a man in Las Vegas, and is also on par with that of DeAndre Hopkins, who tested positive for a banned substance during the offseason. Meanwhile, Calvin Ridley is suspended for a full 17-game season after betting on NFL games last season while away from the Falcons.

Deshaun Watson stands accused of having sexually assaulted 24 different women, though 20 of the civil lawsuits were settled out of court. Two grand juries in Texas both declined to indict Watson on criminal charges stemming from the multitude of allegations.

The story of the NFL offseason is almost at its conclusion, and we'll finally see just what punishment Watson will face as a result of the alleged sexual misconduct. As previously mentioned, the Browns are optimistic the suspension will fall between the 4-8 game threshold. They have contingency plans in place already, having already declared Jacoby Brissett will serve as the starter throughout Watson's suspension.

Robinson is expected to announce her final decision on Monday, at which point the Browns will gain some much-needed clarity regarding the controversial quarterback.