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LeBron James weighs in on Browns potentially signing Dez Bryant

LeBron James, Lakers, Browns, Dez Bryant

Things have picked up around the Cleveland Browns on the front of the possible signing of former Pro Bowl wide receiver Dez Bryant after he came for an official visit on Thursday.

This has led many to ponder whether the coaching staff and team can handle the plethora of personalities and characters that the team has in the wide receiver core as Tom Whithers of The Associated Press put out on Twitter. It this has led to Los Angeles Lakers All-Star forward LeBron James to weigh in on the situation.

James made it quite evident how he feels about the entire matter as he believes that the Browns have the right coaching staff while are making the moves in the offseason to help change the culture around the team. The addition of Bryant would provide Cleveland with another playmaker in the passing game as he has proven to be a legitimate red zone threat and big-play wideout.

There have been questions about what he has left in the tank at this point of his career, but the change of scenery this offseason could be what he needs to get back on track to playing at an elite level. If he stays healthy, he has plenty of highly productive campaigns ahead of him in his career that could see him continue to be a major offensive factor. It’s just a matter of him getting the opportunity to do so, and the Browns may be that situation where he can showcase just that.

James has been quite vocal over the years concerning the Browns from time to time. His decision to weigh in on this possible scenario shows that he still has a strong connection to Cleveland professional sports. It also helps that it is a player from his favorite NFL team growing up potentially joining his home state team. Nonetheless, this is something that appears to have hit home in his fandom.