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Browns’ Odell Beckham Jr. takes to social media to critique NFL uniform policy

Odell Beckham Jr., Browns

Odell Beckham Jr. is the last person who would stay quiet about his fashion sense. The Cleveland Browns receiver refuses to be stifled in expressing himself through clothing. He took to social media to address the NFL’s uniform policy.

He posted on his Instagram story a letter sent by the NFL to punish him for wearing inappropriate uniforms on the sideline. The league fined Odell Beckham $14,037 for the infraction. Understandably, Beckham was frustrated about the rules and complained about the fine he got on his social media page.

“14 k for some pants that are NOT gonna protect me from anything … this shxt is ridiculous,’’ Beckham posted on his Instagram story, per Pro Football Talk’s Charean Williams.

Moreover, this isn’t the first time the league came to him and talked about his fashion choices. Earlier in the season, he wore an expensive Richard Millie watch during the team’s season opener against the Tennessee Titans. The watch costs close to $200,000, and the league was obviously displeased with his actions.

He defended his fashion choices, calling the NFL uniform rules as ludicrous. In an interview with Mary Kay Cabot, he claimed that the league just finds a way to take away money from players even if the offense is minute. Fortunately for him, he makes a lot of money thanks to his impressive catches.

It’s unfortunate for Odell Beckham that his fashion choices are at the forefront of conversation, but that’s what happens when the team you’re playing for is failing to live up to preseason expectations.