During the second quarter of the Cleveland Browns home game against the Tennessee Titans on Sunday, Browns wide receiver Amari Cooper appeared to have a touchdown reception after he tightroped down the sideline and into the end zone. However, the official near the spot blew the play dead, ruling that Cooper had stepped out of bounds despite a replay review clearly showing that the Browns star should have had a touchdown.

After the game, which the Browns ended up winning 27-3, Cooper got real about the controversy.

“I definitely got robbed of a touchdown,” said Cooper, per Scott Petrak of The Chronicle. “The safety, he was cooked. It was over with. I was gone. I was going to make a move on him and score, 100 percent. I didn't step out of bounds. I knew I didn't step out of bounds. I'm not sure why they called that out.”

Cooper, however, also said that the officials acknowledged their mistake.

“I heard the ref apologize,” said Cooper.

Thankfully for Browns fans, the egregious officiating error did not end up affecting the outcome of the game, as the Browns cruised to the dominant victory. In fact, Cooper would end up scoring a touchdown later on in the game during the fourth quarter.

The big win moves the Browns' 2023 record to 2-1, effectively ridding themselves of the bitter taste left by last week's crushing loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Browns will look to make it 3-1 on the young season in Week Four when they take on the Baltimore Ravens on October 1.