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The misconception on Browns QB Deshaun Watson suspension ahead of looming NFLPA lawsuit

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Deshaun Watson was suspended for the first six games of the 2022 NFL regular season and that will very likely remain unchanged even if the NFLPA files a lawsuit that will go after the NFL’s attempt at giving Watson a more severe penalty. There seems to be a misconception that such a move by the NFLPA would reduce the Cleveland Browns QB’s suspension, but as made clear by Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, this isn’t the same scenario that Tom Brady and Ezekiel Elliott had to go through before.

“First, unless the NFLPA files by Thursday an appeal of the six-game suspension, the six games become a given. The question becomes whether Watson will be able to play as of Week Seven, at Baltimore. Neither the Brady nor Elliott cases included the wrinkle that Watson presents, with the player not fighting an existing suspension, but objecting to something longer than that.”

For more context, Jake Trotter of ESPN earlier reported that the NFL is making an appeal to upgrade the suspension of Deshaun Watson from only six games to an indefinite one that would last no shorter than an entire year.

“A source told ESPN that the league is appealing for an indefinite suspension that would be a minimum of one year (as it had previously sought), a monetary fine (which Watson was not levied initially by Robinson) and treatment that the star QB must undergo.”

The optics of the relatively light punishment on Deshaun Watson has been bad for the NFL. It remains to be seen whether the league will be successful in its quest for a harsher penalty for the Browns’ quarterback.