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The non-Deshaun Watson drama Browns are dealing with in training camp

Kevin Stefanski, Kareem Hunt, Browns

This was not how this offseason was supposed to go for the Cleveland Browns. Many fans had their hopes up when the team traded for star quarterback Deshaun Watson. However, Watson’s numerous misdeed were not forgotten by the media and the NFL. Now, there’s a distinct possibility that the quarterback they traded for won’t even play next season.

To add misery to their offseason, a key cog of their offense is starting a new drama off the field, albeit much more benign than Watson. Kareem Hunt is entering the final year of his contract, and the running back has made it clear that he wants a new extension. With the Browns unwilling to give Hunt what he wants, the RB has decided to do a hold-out of sorts at training camp. (via Josina Anderson)

While Hunt has been pretty good in the last few years, the Browns have found their preferred featured back in the last few years: Nick Chubb. Chubb has consistently been one of the best rushers in the league, competing with the likes of Jonathan Taylor and others last  year. That’s perhaps part of the reason why Cleveland is hesitant in giving Kareem Hunt a fat new extension.

That contract dispute adds to an already-chaotic mess of an offseason for the Browns. After the NFL’s appeal regarding Deshaun Watson’s suspension, it’s all but guaranteed that their new star QB will miss games at some point. The only questions are… how many games, and when will he serve these punishments.