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Rumor: Browns offered Dez Bryant deal with base value less than $5 million

Dez Bryant

Free-agent wide receiver Dez Bryant left his visit to the Cleveland Browns over a week ago without a deal. He did get an offer from the Browns, but it was apparently one he wasn’t willing to accept right then and there.

Per Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, the Browns’ offer for Bryant had a base value of less than $5 million.

That’s quite a steep step down financially for Dez, especially considering the five-year, $70 million deal he was on with the Dallas Cowboys.

Bryant had previously rejected three-year deal reportedly worth $7 million per season from the Baltimore Ravens earlier this offseason. He is reportedly looking for a one-year “prove it” deal and apparently prefers to sign with a contender.

It’s anyone’s guess what Bryant’s exact reasons for not accepting the deal were. Perhaps $5 million was just way too low a price that he was willing to sign for, especially since the Browns were a non-contender. It’s also possible that money wasn’t his biggest issue. No one knows for sure.

Either way, it seems as if the Browns are still interested in bringing Bryant in if he decides to accept their offer. But Dez has already proven that he is in no rush to lock into a deal and is willing to wait unless he’s 100 percent happy with it.

Chances are he’s ready to wait a little longer to get that deal he feels is perfect for him as opposed to settling for the Browns’ deal, which he doesn’t see as satisfactory, otherwise he would’ve taken it.